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Sound Connections will be running our annual Inclusive Practice in Action event in March 2022 at Amnesty International, Shoreditch, London. 

The theme for 2022 will be music and mental health / wellbeing. 

How are you as practitioners and organisations adapting to the changing mental health needs of children and young people? How are you using music to support young peoples’ wellbeing, and how do you know this is having an impact? What challenges do you foresee for teachers, practitioners, music organisations working with children and young people over the next five years, and how might we need to adapt? How are you listening to young peoples’ voice and ensuring they are heard and listened to? 

And how are you? How are you supporting your own and others’ wellbeing? Are you feeling heard in your workplace / working life? 

We would like to invite four individuals or organisations to provide a provocation, and host discussions in your area of expertise. 

What would this involve?

  1. Attending a virtual planning and ideas sharing session with the Sound Connections team
  2. Delivering a 15 minute case study about your work (whether with children and young people through music or work with practitioners/teachers mental health and wellbeing) as part of a virtual webinar in advance of the IPIA event (date to be confirmed but early March 2022)
  3. Host two one-hour discussions at the IPIA event. These will be ‘moving discussions’ in that we will invite participants to feel free to move between discussions. You may choose to host a structured discussion, or to have a free, open space for people to share around the particular area of practice you are working in
  4. Attending a virtual debrief session with the Sound Connections team following the event

We are looking for

  1. Individuals / organisations who have direct experience of working with children and young people and mental health and wellbeing with music – this could be in any capacity
  2. For each talk/discussion to have a young person (aged under 25) involved in the delivery of the talk / discussion and for a portion of the fee to be allocated to them
  3. Individuals / organisations working across the music education sector and in a variety of settings for example but not limited to early years, schools, Music Education Hubs, community organisations, working in alternative settings i.e. pupil referral units, extended learning settings; work in hospitals; youth clubs; with young offenders; with displaced young people.

The fee for involvement is £500 per individual/organisation accepted. 

To apply please fill in this short form here.

Deadline for applications: Monday 10th January 2022


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Support our work with London's young music makers. Donate Now