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Shahana Knight: Understanding mental health in the classroom (and out)

In this session we will be lifting the veil on mental health, taking a close look at what happens when children/ young people are struggling and what you can do to help. We will explore how adversity impacts behaviour and how conventional strategies to manage behaviour don’t work! This session highlights the importance of everyone’s role in supporting children’s / young people’s mental health and gives you some simple strategies to make a difference in your practice straight away. It is also an opportunity to self-reflect, both in practice and personally about wellbeing and the importance of self-care.


Pie Factory: Our Piece of the PIE – Wellbeing for all

  • Hear about the power of leading with vulnerability, radical authenticity and power sharing
  • Listen to stories from our team and young people about how you really find out who you are when the pressure is on, both as an individual and an organisation
  • Discuss the importance of place and power in thinking about wellbeing
  • There will be music, fun and joy as well as a chance to dream about the culture of wellbeing we’d like to see.


Anjana Rinne: Stillness – How we can connect to ourselves and each other by listening

  • Notes about ourselves. When do we listen to ourselves? Is this society designed for listening? Distractions?
  • Musical conversations: Diving into listening
  • Calming sound bath journey


ML Community Enterprise: Can you see me?

~ A fun, honest, and interactive discussion with young people about the varying needs of young people when in a learning environment ~

Ecosystem Coldharbour’s Youth Leadership Team has spent the last year working with young people in schools, discussing their own educational experiences, and generally looking at the various factors that influence the way young people experience and respond to life and learning.

During this session, attendees will hear about their individual journeys and what the group has discovered working together. In addition, attendees will participate in a thought inspiring quiz about the needs of young people followed by an open discussion about the questions posed. The session will close with an artistic performance created specifically for the Sound Connections event.

We’d love to hear some of your questions and experiences as part of the discussion and the Q&A segments so please do join us!


Bazil Meade: Keep Moving

An Inspirational moment with Bazil Meade who will be sharing his heart and his truths through Gospel singing, inspirational songs and conversations.

His phenomenal message throughout this session will be Inspirational, healing, and the power of resilience!


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Support our work with London's young music makers. Donate Now