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How will it feel?

1. A positive and flexible online space for a diverse group of people to talk, think, share and reflect together

2. A place where everyone is welcome, particularly those working in music education who feel that their experiences and voices are not reflected in policy and practice

3. A space in which the different ways in which people engage, communicate and learn is truly respected

4. An environment where we acknowledge that uncomfortable discussions are a necessity, and where we support participants through

5. A process, not a moment, where investment will be placed on the event itself, but also on preparing to attend, and identifying and taking forward actions and conversations


How is this event being put together?

Sound Connections has co-created this event with an advisory group who provide challenge, ideas and support around format and content. This group of brilliant individuals will also be involved in facilitating sessions at the event. Read more about the advisory group here. A group of young people are also involved in the planning, co-producing the event, planning and producing film and audio content, and participating in/facilitating discussions. Read more about our young co-producers here. Click here for information about timetable and event format and here for speaker details.






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Support our work with London's young music makers. Donate Now