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Power and Privilege: Perspectives
Talia Randall (compere)
Imrana Mahmood
Claire Mera-Nelson
Reveal Poison
Sahar Summer

Session breakouts

Lunch and Development Needs Analysis sessions

Session breakouts

Session breakouts

Long Table with Talia Randall


Please note the session descriptions are subject to slight change

Session breakouts

Grappling with lyrics: Chaos in the studio

Colin Brent and young person TBC: Bollobrook Youth Centre

Music is a key mode of self-expression for many young people. What do we do when that expression challenges the culture of respect and tolerance that we try to propagate in our projects? And how do we understand our own role in challenging this and situating ourselves as adults in the often seemingly chaotic exploration of self that adolescents traverse? We argue for an approach that engages with this chaos, whilst constructively challenging prejudice.

Working with the Youth and Community Sector

Emily Reddon: London Youth

A presentation about the current landscape in the voluntary youth and community sector, including the policy context, challenges, barriers and the opportunities youth organisations are encountering when it comes to music education. This will include insight and feedback from London Youth’s member youth clubs about the music-making opportunities the sector offers to young people. It will be followed by a Q&A and discussion about how music education organisations/practitioners want to collaborate and work in partnership with the youth and community sector, focusing on how to change the power dynamics between young people, youth organisations, artists and music organisations and work toward stronger, more equal partnerships.

Orchestrating Change and Growing Musical Landscapes Together

Rachel Thame and Deborah Woollaston: Moor to Sea

A practitioner guided session provoking meaningful discussion around the terminology of inclusion and the practice of being inclusive. We invite experiences and thoughts from other practitioners and expect there to be more questions than answers.

What is Inclusion – Music Making is the Key

John Kelly: Musician and Disability Rights Campaigner and Douglas Noble: Drake Music Think 22 Programme Lead

An interactive and creative workshop led by Musician and Disability Rights Campaigner John Kelly and DM Think 22 Programme Lead Douglas Noble exploring issues of power, Disability Equality and representation in the workforce. We will unpack inclusion in bringing about real change, taking action now to progress the inclusion journey encouraging participants to reflect on practice and begin to identify the practical and creative opportunities and benefits this brings.  It would be useful if those attending the session at the event on 13th Feb were able to take part in a free DM Webinar on a new DM Inclusion Paper, which is taking place on 27th January. Sign up is at

Is it time for a power shift? Looking at the role of non music specialists in delivering music activity with families and under 3’s in the community

Rosie Adediran: Rhymes Reimagined

Rhymes Reimagined’ set out to test the hypothesis that whilst there is a rich array of music and singing activity with families with under 3’s taking place across the UK, it largely takes place in informal contexts, led by non-specialist leaders/volunteers and without the support of a clear policy or training framework. What, if anything, is required to raise the confidence, awareness and skills of these leaders? Are we as music or arts practitioners perpetuating a power imbalance that favours us, and which leaves too little in terms of legacy for the individuals doing the lion’s share of the work? Rosie will present the research and development project that explores this issue, and will open a discussion around the implications for practice in the field.

#SaveOurMusic – Youth Voice & Advocacy

Dafydd Evans and LMM Alumni: London Music Masters

#SaveOurMusic is our young people’s campaign for better music education for everyone. Through flashmobs, advocacy events, meetings, workshops and media attention our young people (all alumni of London Music Masters) are tackling the issue of a declining music education in our schools, a place where great music-making should be accessible to all. In 2020, they will take this project on tour and collaborate with national partners. This project is initiated, designed and delivered by these young people. Through panel discussion and presentation with our Alumni and team, we will dig deeper into how introducing a shared and equitable platform for young people and organisations will make projects more meaningful and beneficial for all involved, and most importantly make effective change.

Using music to promote empathy between newly arrived groups and host communities

Jim Pinchen and Raghad Haddad: I Speak Music (Surrey Music Hub)

This session will share learning from the I Speak Music project whose core aim is to promote empathy between local communities and groups who are living in UK after being displaced from their country of birth. Participants will learn about how the project was set up and how music has a unique role to re-address power imbalances and to affect social and personal change within diverse communities. 

Student centred learning, student centred decision making: a case study of developing and embedding Youth Voice in a music hub

Jane da Costa: Tri-borough Music Hub

Delegates will be taken on a journey with the tri-borough music hub, learning about the challenges and successes of embedding Youth Voice, setting up a diverse Youth Voice Council and creating a student led Youth Conference aiming to break down barriers to music making.

This session will explore the power of partnerships and the strategic impact that collaboration has on outcomes as a hub, developing opportunities for more young people to have their voice heard. Delegates will hear from young people and the impact that being part of the Youth Voice council has had on their personal and musical development. The session will include opportunities for Q&A and discussion.

Perspectives on inclusive practice

Vicci Worthy: Daisi; Neil Phillips: Awards for Young Musicians; Michael Davidson: Music Net East; convened by Adam Cookson: Youth Music

Session description coming soon!

Inclusive practice in action


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