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Apprenticeships Programme

Following on from the recent launch of the Creative and Digital Media Apprenticeships at Apple’s headquarters, Sound Connections is partnering with apprenticeships provider Creative Process to offer our members 50 free and fully funded trainee apprenticeships.

The Apprenticeship is an excellent way to provide £10,000 worth of industry designed training, professional development  and up skilling of existing or new staff across a 12 month period and at no cost to your company (excluding the wage that you pay them for which the legal minimum requirement is £100 per week).

Many employers are taking on trainee apprentices for job roles that include arts development/project co-ordinators, outreach workers, youth work, fundraising assistants, technical support, live events, production, light and rigging support, publicity and promotion, web design, content management, interactive media, social media marketing, exhibitions and graphic design.

Channel 4 and the BBC are already doing them along with dozens of smaller employers from theatres and museums to community arts, event companies and digital agencies– however they will not necessarily remain free and fully funded indefinitely. In addition Creative Process can offer a free recruitment, pre-interview and assessment process to select and send you the best and most motivated applicants with skill sets that exactly match what you’re looking for in a trainee apprentice.

To recruit an apprentice or to access the training and professional development funding for an existing employee* email Philip Flood, Director, at or call 020 7729 7220 to discuss further.

Due to funding restrictions these places are available on a first come first served basis.

(* to qualify for the apprenticeship training an existing employee must be aged at least 16 or above and a non graduate)


As a small charity we rely upon donations from generous individuals, trusts and companies to support our work with children and young people across London.

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Support our work with London's young music makers. Donate Now