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Arts Council ten-year strategy evidence: children and young people

Commissioned by Arts Council England as part of Darren Henley’s consultation to inform the ‘25 Year Creative Talent Plan’, we are thrilled that Sound Connections’ report reflecting on children and young people’s participation and understanding of arts and culture, has now been published.

Facilitated by members of Wired4Music, the report was informed by 186 young people across nine roundtable meetings representing a wide range of ages, broad geographic reach and a spectrum of arts engagement, as well as responses to online surveys from over 750 young people. We asked questions about access, what barriers exist, and whether arts and culture is important and relevant to their lives. Findings tell us:

  • Young people place great importance on arts and culture for individual wellbeing and personal expression, and recognise its potential to understand other cultures.
  • Sharing and accessing art via social media is vitally important to young people and opportunities to pique young people’s interest in arts and culture, via social media, should further be explored.
  • Understanding of young people’s engagement and access points needs further exploration. We must recognise young people’s ‘everyday participation’ in ‘their arts and culture’ through social media, the internet and TV, and re-evaluate what we mean by ‘super served’ and ‘disengaged’.
  • We must offer young people opportunities to access and participate in arts and culture through multiple facets and consider the potential role of school settings in this context.
  • Positive and proactive relationships with parents are vital if we are to ensure young people’s long-term participation and engagement in arts and culture.
  • We must continue to widen contacts and broker relationships with partners outside of our sector including, but not limited to, sport, health, young carers and youth service.

Read the full report, alongside reflections from ART31, Beatfreaks and BTB Digital Ltd here >.



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