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Bacc for the Future

Sound Connections is delighted to join the Bacc for the Future campaign to support creativity in schools.

There are now more than 6,600 individual supporters signed up to Bacc for the Future and 48 organisations already backing the campaign. News of the campaign has been covered in the Evening Standard, The Stage, Music Week and Design Week.

The Department for Education (DfE) has announced plans to make English, maths, science, a language (ancient or modern) and a humanities subject (defined as only history or geography) compulsory at GCSE level. The English Baccalaureate – known as the EBacc – was first proposed in 2010 before being dropped as a result of our collective efforts and successful campaign. However, the EBacc has still had a harmful impact on the uptake of creative subjects in schools.

The Department for Education (DfE) has yet to publish the full details of their new proposal. We are continuing to build a coalition of support so that – when these details are published – we can urge the DfE to rethink the devaluing of creative subjects.

The number one priority at this early stage of the campaign is to secure more campaign signatures so I do urge you to visit the Bacc for the Future website and sign the petition.


As a small charity we rely upon donations from generous individuals, trusts and companies to support our work with children and young people across London.

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Support our work with London's young music makers. Donate Now