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BitterSuite Masterclass – ‘When Synaesthesia Meets Education’

Join us on Thursday 8 January for a very special full-day masterclass, led by synaesthesia-inspired expert practitioners BitterSuite.

Steph Singer, creator of BitterSuite, will lead participants to challenge the existing definitions and models of community music projects by exploring and playing with multi-sensory and synaesthetic ways of running workshops.

Working collaboratively participants will test out, critique and develop the creative ideas from BitterSuite’s multi-sensory community work in music. The session will invite participants to get stuck into concepts like synaesthesia and graphic notation, considering how melody smells, tonality looks, rhythm feels and pitch tastes.

As a group, participants will play with these concepts and discover new ideas and ways of working.​

This session is the first in a series of unique masterclasses, led by experts in the fields of music in challenging circumstances and early years music, and members of both the London Early Years Music Network (LEYMN) and the Challenging Circumstances Network. Details of upcoming masterclasses are to be announced soon, so watch this space!

Click here to read a detailed programme of ‘When Synaesthesia Meets Education’ and book your place now!​


As a small charity we rely upon donations from generous individuals, trusts and companies to support our work with children and young people across London.

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