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Child Performance Regulations – Government Response

Following a DfE consultation on Child Performance regulations held in September 2014, the Government have now published a response with amendments to be made. This consultation sought views on plans to simplify the current regulations regarding the times that children can take part in performances that require a local authority licence and the breaks and time off they must have.

This consultation has led to the development of new draft regulations, the main changes of which include:

  • removal of the requirement for a medical certificate to be provided before a child performance licence can be issued
  • lifting of unnecessary restrictions on the different types of performance a child can take part in on one day
  • removal of unhelpful differences between the rules for performances which are not recorded or broadcast and those which are.

The new draft regulations also:

  • allow licensing authorities and chaperones to exercise discretion to be flexible about the times of performance and breaks in all types of performance, not just those that are recorded or broadcast, when they judge some flexibility to be in the child’s best interest.
  • set out minimum requirements for breaks and maximum hours for attending and performing, according to a child’s age. A licensing authority can also set conditions on the licence, such as more frequent breaks or shorter performance times, as they think necessary for the wellbeing of the child in each case.

These amendments were laid before parliament in December and, subject to the parliamentary process, will come into force in February 2015.

The Government’s published response can be found here – page 23 sets out the main conclusions.


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