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Inclusive Practice In Action 2022 in Retrospective

On Thursday 7 April 2022, Sound Connections held our annual Inclusive Practice In Action (IPIA) event at Amnesty International. Curated by Brenda Rattray, this year’s conference ‘Dancing with the process of life: Exploring mental health and wellbeing’ was Sound Connections’ first in-person, live event in 2 years, and an utterly unforgettable occasion. Two months later, we’re celebrating and reflecting on the outcomes, reflections and responses that we have so gratefully received following IPIA 2022, from delegates, staff, young people, and speakers alike.


Spoken word reflections / commandments

Created by Yasmine
Sound Connections Workforce Trainee 2022

  1. Let’s Make This Space A Safe One:
  2. Be Honest:
  3. See Us:
  4. Embrace Vulnerability:
  5. You Are Enough:

Download a digital PDF version here >




Responses from delegates following the day

“I’m still processing quite a lot – it was jam-packed information and emotion-wise… I’m grateful to you all, and to all the contributors, for putting together such a wonderful event.”

“The speakers were great and varied and showed your value of ALL people and ALL marginalised groups.”

“I felt challenged to delve deeper and learn more about my blind-spots in relation to marginalised groups…”

“The biggest success of the conference to me was how well you managed to cultivate an environment of safety that also allowed for challenge.”

“It was so good to hear the challenging truth as well and being filled with hope for the future. I love what we are building.”

“I genuinely can’t recall the last time I enjoyed attending a conference so much. The atmosphere, the content, and people there, and the terrific interpreters all combined to make it a great day.”

“Absolutely healing and empowering.”




Words used by delegates to describe their experience at IPIA 2022:



Photo Credit: Hattie Darling

IPIA 2023 Announcement:

We are very excited to announce that IPIA 2023 will take place on Thursday 23 March 2023.

To find out the latest information about this event and to be notified once ticket sales go live, please register your interest here >


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