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Innovate grants awarded to support children and young people’s music making

We are delighted to announce our four Innovate projects for 2021-2022.

Grants of £2,000 have been awarded to practitioners / organisations to explore and test new ideas and approaches for working with children and young people through music.

Innovate forms part of Sound Connections’ workforce development programme, meaning that all successful applicants will also receive support from Sound Connections on their professional development needs.

Successful practitioners / organisations are listed below. We look forward to working with them during this next year, and sharing practice as it emerges.

Hear Our Voice

Music Making SENse: Kim Perkins and Kirsty Mees

This project is about developing and sharing inclusive practices around youth voice and singing through vocal resources chosen by disabled and non-disabled young people in Lambeth. The project will encourage young people with learning needs, including those with severe and complex needs, to make creative choices and collaborate with non-disabled peers. It will also develop inclusive singing practice for all Lambeth primary and special schools through supporting teachers (including non-music specialists) to use signing and vocalising to support young people with communication and learning needs. This may include young children, students with English as an additional language as well as students with more common learning needs such as autism, global learning delay, etc. This project will enable schools’ staff and young people to start using Makaton inclusively for the benefit of everyone in the community who needs support with speech and language development, by providing training in how to locate, tailor and implement signs.

Bootcamp for Strings

Arco – Music for all: Rosanne Jacobs and Laura Howes

Bootcamp for Strings will be a one-week intensive music project for violinists aged 7 – 13. It will open up new ways of playing and learning music to both them, and Arco as an organisation, allowing risks to be taken and new ways of self-expression to be tried, all directed by students’ own ideas. This project is directly based on the ideas and suggestions of young musicians and parents/carers, who explore termly what they love about their music education and what they dream of having access to, during Arco’s youth-voice and community sessions.

Music for creativity and wellbeing

Rebecca Trivett and Nicola Tagoe

The project is designed to develop curiosity and exploration amongst participants, using music as a vehicle to reconnect with their own sense of creative identity and relationship to others. Sessions will take place within a mother and baby safe house/refuge for those at risk, which also serves as a parenting assessment unit for very young mothers and those experiencing mental health difficulties. Since the pandemic there has been a surge in requests for services for wellbeing and this project hopes to ensure the most at risk are not forgotten about and receive extra help to rebuild their world. The project aims to support the development of emotional wellbeing for both parents and babies, who are vulnerable and often overlooked due to their socio-economic circumstances.

Wonder Wednesdays. Play, sing, be mindful – A Happiness Mission 

Mini Mindful Musicians: Anjana Rinne

The project will invite lockdown babies aged 0-2 years old and their parents and carers to participate in music making sessions based around wellbeing and mental health with an emphasis on equality and diversity. The project will explore being more mindful about the ways young children are introduced to music and focus particularly on lockdown babies and their personal, social and emotional development. The project aims to bring parents/carers together, promote wellbeing and good mental health, equip parents/carers with some simple but effective tools for creating a positive relationship with their child and most be present and mindful in the moment using music and song to connect with each other. This will be based on a mostly child-led musical approach.



As a small charity we rely upon donations from generous individuals, trusts and companies to support our work with children and young people across London.

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Support our work with London's young music makers. Donate Now