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LEYMN Conference 2016: Raising the Baton – Programme Announcements

Raising the Baton is our sixth annual London Early Years Music (LEYMN) conference. This year we are returning to the theme at the heart of our work – music. Our community is united through a belief in the power of music in early years development but the opportunity to discuss the repertoire we use and its impact on children is rare.

The conference brings together speakers from different art forms to share their innovations and the impact it has had on their practice, their partnerships and the children taking part.

A multi-sensory world – keynote speaker Max Reinhardt (Musical Director / Composer for Oily Cart Theatre and BBC Radio 4 presenter), will introduce us to his exploration of theatre for babies that engages and inspires all senses.

“We have extensive experience of creating multi-sensory theatre for young children aged 2-6 years. More recently we have begun to create interactive theatre for very young children – developing a theatrical experience that addresses all the senses without relying on verbal language or conventional narrative for its effect. Jumpin’ Beans and Baby Balloon have been created for an audience of children aged 6 months – 2 years and their carers. Featuring wonderful visual effects and original live music, our productions enable our young audiences to physically enter the Oily Cart wonderland where we draw out their ideas to create something magical.”

Unique musical performances Katherine Morley and Liz Muge will present their action research in this field through musical tours.  Katherine and Liz, creators 16 Singers and Hubbub respectively, will share the thinking that started their journeys and how the findings are leading them in exciting new directions.

Recorded music in early childhood Nicola Burke will share her findings from a year-long research project into the use of recorded music in early childhood settings. She will offer practical ideas that for exploring music listening activities and will create a forum for discussion and generating new ideas around the use of recorded music in early childhood education.

More information about our practical sessions will be shared soon!


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Support our work with London's young music makers. Donate Now