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Emile Holba

Wired4Music reaching out: harnessing the power of youth voice in mental health settings

Mental Health Awareness Week


In 2014, Sound Connections associate artist, Gawain Hewitt, was commissioned to research youth voice in challenging settings.  The brief was to scope potential barriers to participation in Wired4Music for young people in challenging circumstances.  In celebration of Mental Health Awareness Week, we’re delighted to share findings from interviews Gawain conducted with music and mental health organisation Key Changes and a young mental health service user.  Whilst the interviews were conducted with Wired4Music accessibility in mind, we hope the findings provide useful insight for anyone working with young people suffering from mental health illness in participatory activity.

Wired4Music – our music council for young Londoners – is a collective of music-minded young people who advocate and campaign for the musical future they want to see.  Wired4Music is open access and aims to be a truly representative voice of London’s young people.  With this in mind, we’ve committed to scoping accessibility and appropriateness of Wired4Music activity for young people with particular needs.

Previous Sound Connections research into opening access has included a commission to Drake Music, who scoped accessibility at Wired4Music council meetings and online.  This next stage of research aimed to further strengthen Wired4Music’s engagement with young people in challenging circumstances and connect with new participant groups.


Read Gawain’s case study from the perspective of an organisation >

Read Gawain’s case study from the perspective of a young person >


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Support our work with London's young music makers. Donate Now