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Musicians' Union Guide to Hubs

Musicians’ Union Guide to Hubs

The Musicians’ Union has produced a Music Education Hub Pack aimed at organisations either leading or involved in the new Hubs.

Diane Widdison, MU Teaching Organiser, says:
“Of the MU’s 30,000 plus members, approximately two thirds work in music education as part of their portfolio careers with many of those working for music services. We are aiming to work closely with the Hubs to ensure that music instrumental teachers and music education in general does not suffer during this transition period.

“This is particularly important given that many local authorities are reducing their contributions to the new Hubs and this, combined with a significant reduction in central government funding is inevitably leading to cuts in specialist music education alongside a diminution of the employment rights of instrumental teachers. The MU will be fighting against any erosion of terms and conditions for dedicated music teachers whose commitment continues to ensure that our young people’s music education continues to be the envy of the world. ”

Click here to download the guide


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