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Sound Connections is an Attitude Champion!

Sound Connections is an Attitude Champion! Attitude Champion is a relatively new initiative run by the brilliant Attitude is Everything, and is about organisations championing accessible practices, internally and to all partners, ensuring that events are as accessible and as inclusive as possible and that Deaf and disabled participants know what to expect.

As a Champion, Sound Connections has committed to going beyond the legal obligations of the Equality Act and implement best practice, and has publicly signed up to the following 10 statements:

  • To place access and inclusion at the heart of everything Sound Connections does
  • To have an accessible and diverse recruitment policy
  • To provide all volunteering opportunities in an accessible way
  • To hold all events in accessible venues
  • Consideration of access requirements integrated into event planning
  • Access information to be made available for all events
  • Actively promote Sound Connections events to Deaf and disabled audiences
  • Actively seek to include the voices of Deaf and disabled people at Sound Connections events
  • Enable members to share resources, ideas and issues relating to access and inclusion
  • Actively collect disabled people’s feedback to influence future improvements of access

Becoming a Champion has equipped us with the tools and knowledge to continually reflect, make adjustments and work in new ways. This is an ongoing process and never a complete job, but some of the changes that have happened so far include:

  • We use an accessibility checklist when booking event venues, which makes sure we conduct a thorough assessment of venue access before booking
  • We give more comprehensive information about reasonable adjustments in job recruitment packs
  • We have new Disability Leave and Reasonable Adjustments policies
  • We have new guidelines about conduct and etiquette in meetings, to make internal and external meetings accessible and inclusive spaces
  • We recommend that managers use Mind’s Wellbeing Action Plans to support staff where it’s useful
  • We have learnt about creating easy read documents and have started to format Sound Connections documents in a more accessible way

“Attitude is Everything is delighted to name Sound Connections as an Attitude Champion, in recognition of their deep commitment and ongoing work to make everything they do as inclusive as possible. Sound Connections is only the second organisation in the UK to become an Attitude Champion, and is uniquely placed and suited to be a beacon of best practice in the inclusive music making sector going forwards. From internal policies and event planning to influencing partners and the wider sector, Sound Connections has established itself as an organisation at the cutting edge of inclusive practice.” Suzanne Bull MBE, CEO of Attitude is Everything

“Sound Connections is thrilled to become an Attitude Champion as this underpins our core priorities and commitment to social justice, youth voice, inclusion and accessibility. We look forward to working with Attitude is Everything in supporting organisations across London to also achieve this recognition and, as a member of the Alliance for a Musically Inclusive England, champion this more widely.” Philip Flood, Director of Sound Connections

Our thanks in particular to Jacob Adams, Head of Research and Campaigns at Attitude is Everything, for his hard work helping us through the programme!


As a small charity we rely upon donations from generous individuals, trusts and companies to support our work with children and young people across London.

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