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Supporting the Music Education Workforce

In September 2011, Youth Music commissioned Arts Inform to carry out research identifying the needs of the music education workforce in the North East region, exploring the roles and needs of music leaders, their employers and other agencies, as well as things that could be done to improve the opportunities provided by the workforce.

The report has just been published, and highlights some of the key current issues identified by music leaders and employers involved in non-formal music education.

The research is structured around three main research questions:
1. What is the current environment for the music education workforce in the North East region?
2. What are the main needs of the music education workforce in the North East and what are the likely impacts of the wider music education environment?
3. How can we enable an effective programme of workforce development within relevant existing provision? How will we get there?

The findings should be of interest to those involved in music leading activities, both in the North East and across the UK

Click here to read the full report


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