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The National Open Youth Orchestra: Feasibility Study

The launch of the National Open Youth Orchestra (NOYO), the first ever national disabled-led youth orchestra, is a significant moment in music education history. It is with great excitement that we release the Executive Summary of the NOYO Feasibility Study, which Sound Connections was commissioned in January 2017 to research and compile.


A large part of the process was wide-ranging stakeholder consultation with young people, parents, carers, and professionals from the worlds of music education and SEN/D. The response was significant, and often impassioned, and our hope is that the Feasibility Study is an accurate summary and reflection of the views and ideas that were shared. We are grateful to all who have contributed in such an open and honest way. The input and support of so many, and the collective commitment to the ensemble, bodes well for the future of NOYO. We aim now to share the findings far and wide, and hope that it continues to spark conversation and action.


Click here to read the Feasibility Study >


The National Open Youth Orchestra Feasibility Study was written by Jennifer Raven, with research and contributions from Philip Flood and Helen Evans (Sound Connections), and editing and contributions from Barry Farrimond and Doug Bott (National Open Youth Orchestra).


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Support our work with London's young music makers. Donate Now