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Three years of funding from Youth Music

We are delighted to announce confirmation of significant three-year funding! Youth Music is awarding Sound Connections £180,000 this year, with further grants of up to £342,640 being made available over the following two years.

Sound Connections is one of 13 organisations around the country that has been selected to become a strategic partner of Youth Music. We are thrilled that over the next three years, we will be working with Youth Music towards creating a musically inclusive England where every child can access music-making opportunities, regardless of circumstances.

This funding will allow Sound Connections to develop work with two target groups in particular – children under five years old and young people facing significant barriers to high quality musical engagement. It will also provide the opportunity to build on our unique youth voice programme, Wired4Music, our pan-London music council giving young people the chance to determine their own musical destinies through leadership, training and consultation.

Matt Griffiths, Chief Executive Officer, Youth Music said:  “We’re really delighted to be working with Sound Connections as one of our strategic partners to deliver an exciting programme of music-making opportunities for children and young people in London. These three-year grants will really help to develop and sustain music-making locally, taking our investment in the region to  £666,400 in this funding round.”

Philip Flood, Director of Sound Connections, says: “We are delighted that Youth Music is giving us the opportunity to continue growing our Early Years, challenging circumstances, and youth voice programmes.  London has a world-class variety of music-making on offer, and this funding means that young Londoners most needing support to engage with music stand to benefit.  We’ll be able to connect more young people to opportunities, particularly those from the most vulnerable background and we’ll continue to strengthen Wired4Music as a platform for young people to have their voices heard. It’s also a very exciting opportunity for us to support those working with babies and very young children, so that their musical engagement starts from birth.”

For a full list of grants awarded click here >


As a small charity we rely upon donations from generous individuals, trusts and companies to support our work with children and young people across London.

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