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Wired4Music Manifesto: discussing investment at RBS & Pledge of the Week

Wired4Music Manifesto Pledge of the Week:

“I will speak to my senior management team about how I can bring young people further into the decision making process at Youth Music.” Douglas Lonie, Youth Music

In response to the investment strand of the Wired4Music Manifesto, the music council for young Londoners are meeting in July to turn words into actions.

Invest in us. We need to preserve what we have. Music spaces are a creative person’s neighbourhood, but don’t forget to bring the music to us. Spread the love across London.

In July we’ll be gathering young people and adults from across the music sector at RBS Headquarters. We’ll have special guests from RBS Inspiring Enterprise, Youth Music, Arts Council and the mayor’s office.

The council will instigate change-making conversations around investment in youth music making, looking for actions to take in response to the Wired4Music Manifesto.

Wired4Music was founded on the belief that young people should have a say in their own musical futures. This event is not about raising money or applying for funding. We want to explore ways that young people can be involved in funding decisions around their own music making.

This event will also celebrate the successes of the nine fellows taking part in our RBS Inspiring Enterprise sponsored Wired4Music Leadership Programme.

If you work with musicians aged 16-25 and living in London, they are invited to join Wired4Music and add their voices to the conversation.

We will keep you updated on these exciting pledges as they move along. Make sure you are signed up to our Wired4Music Newsletter to receive updates: 

Want to add your pledge? Reach out to us by email ( phone (020 7729 7228) or Twitter (@Wired4Music, #W4MLDN). Add your voice to this growing campaign and help us make a difference.


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Support our work with London's young music makers. Donate Now