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Wired4Music Case Study: David Cobbald – Wired4Music Rising Co-Producer

This piece has been written by Wired4Music member David Cobbald who has been involved with Wired since November 2017 as a co-producer for the annual Wired4Music Rising Futures Festival held at the Roundhouse.

To be perfectly honest, when I joined Wired4Music I didn’t really think much of it. Back then I’d had a few experiences with signing up to music and opportunity organisations to simply never hear from them again. However, this feeling quickly dissolved when the emails from Wired4Music came through and paid jobs were advertised regularly. This was a breath of fresh air in the cut-through business I was used to.

After my degree in Songwriting had finished in 2015 I was feeling a little deflated regarding working in the music industry as nothing had come up and I was working in retail/office work. Through gigs experience and my natural ability to organise things, I had been doing event planning here and there for a little while, but nothing was really solidifying as a potential career yet. I received an advertisement from Wired for a Producer role for their yearly event and it stood out as a combination of all my experiences to date, so I gave it a go applying. I interviewed, and I didn’t think I’d done particularly well as I felt I could’ve prepared more (I’m a worrier, can you tell?) but nonetheless I was offered the position and receiving that offer was such a confidence boost for me. It felt like a step in the right direction.

The process of producing the event was daunting at first. Suffering with anxiety is something I’ve dealt with for most of my life so I’ve gotten quite used to managing and working through it, but this still gave me a bit of fear as it was such a large task to be done in what felt like such little time. The staff at Wired, Jenn and Adem initially, were truly wonderful in guiding us through the process and our regular meetings with them were beneficial both for the event and my own personal development. These meetings helped me to properly realise that everyone has their own skills to bring to the table, even if you’re doing the same job. Something remarkably simple but something I had never thought before, and that was an eye opener for me. As well as this, these meetings showed me how much I already knew. I always thought that ‘I wasn’t good enough’ or ‘I’m not there yet’ (the thoughts haunting me all my life) and seeing that I could confidently plan and produce an event like this was really lifting.

This was reinforced even more on the day of the event. Working with, Jenn, Jess and Adem as well as the other producers was far less stressful/anxious-filled than anticipated and was actually a really fun day. By the end of the day I even got up on stage and spoke confidently to lead an open-mic – something that I usually avoid due to my stammer being amplified by my nerves. Completing that day successfully was exactly what I needed. Afterwards I felt a sense of ability and empowerment that I hadn’t felt before, and it lit a fire underneath me to keep the ball rolling.

Since working with Wired I have had the confidence to update and send out my CV for event positions in music and other creative areas, with the experience itself proving vital in getting an interview. Even when interviews weren’t successful I persevered and kept trying (something I never used to do) and this has resulted in an events job that I am super happy to start very soon.

Joining Wired4Music was a little step I took without realising how much it would impact my career trajectory. Since working with them I have never had such a feeling of self-worth and knowledge to do what I want to do in the industry and I am incredibly grateful to them as well as excited to work with them in the future.


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