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“Wired4Music does something really special for people like me – allows us to realise our potential”

An article by Kaisle Grai, an electronic musician and Wired4Music member.

It’s my third year as a Wired4Music member and I’ve become a different person. I’m still an electronic musician, still like hoisin duck wraps from Pret, and still respond with voicenotes instead of texting on Whatsapp (I never have time these days!). But there are lots of differences, lots of changes and developments I’ve made, and that’s thanks to the people that really took my youth voice seriously.

Thinking about the cuts that are being made to the arts sector, I couldn’t imagine where I’d be if I didn’t have Wired4Music around. I don’t want to imagine this for the younger generation that want to build their experience and skills in the arts.

Over the past three years with Wired4Music, I’ve had the chance to collaborate and liaise with young musicians, education providers, venues and funders across London. I have been learning so many valuable things, improving my communication with different members of society, and taking steps towards becoming a professional creative. Being a member of Wired gives us responsibility, experience and confidence. Learning curves are part of the Wired journey – what works, what doesn’t work, and how to make it better the next time.

We are encouraged to go out and experiment with our working methods, visiting different organisations as Wired Ambassadors, and attending events and workshops. There are no real hierarchical set-ups and people often confuse Wired4Music members with Sound Connections staff because our approach to Youth Voice is really led by young people, and communication between all staff and members is really strong. We are given such a diverse platform to expand our skills and become outstanding members of society, skilled creatives and big thinkers.

Ask me what support Wired4Music gives – it’s hands-on training, paid opportunities, funding for projects, opportunities to network with different organisations, workshop facilitation, information and guidance about working freelance, paying taxes if you are self-employed, budgeting – really hard-core work that is so significant for people aged 16-25 when transitioning between education, internships and paid employment.

Wired4Music does something really special for people like me – allows us to realise our potential, gives us direct support to develop our skills, and helps us build experience for our next steps. Now that I’m reaching 26 and will no longer be a Wired4Music member, I’m sad when thinking about leaving, but I also have so much confidence and faith for my path ahead, which I’m sure I would not have had without all the support I’ve received in different ways. The work that Wired has done for me and others is so inimitable and so needed; they really need support to keep going so they can guide lots more young musicians into the creative industries.

If you can donate even a small amount of money to Wired4Music you will be directly supporting a new and existing generation of young creatives with the potential to lead and create various projects. They could be revolutionising the way people access music, workshops and facilities in a few years from now. Let’s give them the resources so that we can hear their voices and ideas and let them lead the way!

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As a small charity we rely upon donations from generous individuals, trusts and companies to support our work with children and young people across London.

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