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Final conference

Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, Laban Building
Friday 10 July 2015, 9.30am-5.00pm
The Teach Through Music team welcomes you to join us from 5.00pm – 7.00pm for live music, drinks and canapés to mark the end of our London Schools Excellence Fund programme.

Join Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance and our Teach Through Music Cultural Partners for the culmination of our year-long continued professional development (CPD) programme for London’s KS3 Music Teachers. Teachers, head teachers, musicians and music organisations will be sharing learning from a year of networking, training and debate, seeking to overcome the isolation of secondary school music teachers and invest in a community of practice connected to London’s unique cultural resources. The event is open to colleagues across and outside London, and we will be joining forces with Music Mark to reflect upon what can be learnt from the Music Excellence London initiative (including our sister programme Peer to Peer), as well as exploring ideas for the future.

Expect an intensive day of debate and case study presentations arising from our Inspire Events and Short Courses and, of course, music making. A packed schedule includes an inspirational kick off from François Matarasso, circlesinging with Guillermo Rozenthuler and an insight into the life and work of beatboxer Reeps One. There will be live music throughout the day, opportunities to access Trinity Laban’s world class expertise in musicians’ health and movement, as well as a chill out space to rest and reflect or network with others.

Join the conversation on the day at #TTMFinalConference

This event is now CLOSED. To view a Storify summary of the event made up of Tweets and photos, click here.

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Writer, researcher and speaker François Matarasso will kick off the day with “Music, What is it Good For?” – the perfect reminder, if one were needed, of the importance of music in schools and why music should be the dominant language of the music classroom.

François is a writer committed to socially engaged arts practice. Between 1980 and 1994 he worked as a community artist, before moving to research and consultancy. His publications include, ‘Use or Ornament?’ (1997), an influential study of the social impact of participation in the arts, and a series of short books about undervalued aspects of contemporary artistic life under the title of ‘Regular Marvels’. He has worked internationally, especially in South East Europe, Colombia and most recently in Central Asia. Based in Nottingham, he works independently as a freelance consultant, researcher and artist.


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Reeps Logo

Reeps One is undoubtedly one of the most respected solo beatboxers of all time. Multi-million views, world class battle rankings, cutting-edge technical strength and vocal dexterity are just some of his accomplishments. Reeps endeavours to not only inspire but also educate, and we are delighted that Reeps will be joining us at the Teach Through Music Final Conference to share his experience, work, and beatboxing.

Reeps One has lectured at the institute of contemporary arts, The National Geographic Society, The National Portrait Gallery and Tate Britain about his range of skills and ongoing projects. Beatbox Notation, ADD and the Voice, his neurological work with UCL (about proving his skill is ‘cognitively expert behaviour’), and discussions about creativity make for interesting discussion. His collaboration with professor Sophie Scott as part of her study into what makes experts tick has manifested in talks at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, the National Geographic Society, BBC News and a Channel 4 Random Acts film in association with Lemonade Money and IOWEYOUTH.

Talking about his own hugely successful, debut, multi art form exhibition last year, A.D.O: Attention. Deficit. Order, Reeps says:

“My message is simply: do what you need in education, but in adult life you should embrace and work with how your mind naturally functions. Dyspraxia, autism, ADHD and ADD are only labels and people are more than these terms imply. My development as an artist is proof of that”.

Speaking alongside Reeps One will be multi-instrumentalist, producer and sound engineer Linden Jay who has accompanied Reeps on his creative journey over the last 5 years. Linden received a scholarship and studied at the prestigious Berklee College of Music and has since worked alongside Reeps, as well as being a solo artist and writing for other projects. Through Linden’s passion for all types of music and constant desire for experimenting, he has developed a unique performance based method of sound engineering, which he applies on and off stage with Reeps. His unique process and his ability to adapt, improvise and perform as an engineer sets him aside from others.

Reeps One and Linden Jay’s sessions will include a presentation on their experiences of musical learning and a practical music making session for teachers.



Charismatic Buenos Aires-born vocalist and guitarist Guillermo Rozenthuler has become one of the leading voices of Argentine Tango and South American song in the UK. He performs as a soloist and in his many sought-after ensembles in festivals and venues both locally (Ronnie Scott’s, Royal Albert Hall, WOMAD) and internationally.

In addition to being a versatile vocalist and improviser, Guillermo works regularly as a voice teacher and group facilitator and he enjoys inspiring individuals and groups of people to listen, breath freely and be fully present, honest and open. Guillermo believes singing is everyone’s birth right beyond musicianship or vocal skills, as it was for millennia in human evolution. Teach Through Music looks forward to hosting one of Guillermo’s Circlesong workshops at the Final Conference.

Guillermo has used Circlesongs for years as a workshop leader, but it was only after meeting and working with great vocal improvisers Bobby McFerrin and Rhiannon that he started to offer Circlesinging workshops. Since the dawn of humanity, people have been singing together to bond, mark events, mourn, gather courage, endure hard work or simply to celebrate. Circlesinging is a form of group singing that connects with ancestral ways of music making, spontaneously composing choral music, layering melodies, harmonies and rhythms. These singing gatherings allowed everyone to take part, creating musical ‘landscapes’ where the less skilled or confident could contribute and hold the space while the most daring or musically aware could be creative and inspiring to others.

Visit Guillermo’s blog for information on upcoming workshops and performances.



Evaluating Music Excellence London: The Findings So Far (Martin Fautley & Ally Daubney)

CPD for music teachers – a wider perspective (Guest panel to be announced)

Beyond Inspire – presentations, debates and case studies arising from our seminar series:

  • Preparing All Pupils to study music at KS4? (Keith Evans)
  • Raising musical standards for all at KS3 (Robert Wells)
  • Making the Case for Music in Schools (Chris Philpott)
  • Connecting with London’s Cultural Offer (Panel chaired by Philip Flood)
  • Principles of Musical Assessment (Martin Fautley & Ally Daubney)

Case Study Focus – a selection of case studies and workshops arising from our practical short courses for teachers:

  • Listen Imagine Compose (Judith Robinson)
  • Whose Music is it Anyway (Craig Coggle)
  • Making Music in the Moment (Jackie Walduck)
  • Ensembles Uncovered (Peter Romhany/Paul Griffiths)

Musicians Health and Movement workshops led by expert staff from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance

Funded by:
  • Funder-Department-for-Eduction
  • Funder-Mayor-of-London
Delivered by:
  • Partner-Trinity-Laban
In partnership with:
  • Partner-Sound-Connections
  • Partner-Trinity-College-London
  • Partner-Barbican
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