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There is a wealth of published evidence that demonstrates the positive impact music-making has on babies and young children.

It can support development in a multitude of ways, it can build well-being and social engagement, and it is also fun and enjoyable.

We know that it is during early years development when learning is at its most prevalent and effortless, and yet current providers think of children as musical beings only when they start school at five – their first encounter with formal music-making.

We believe more must be done to challenge this assumption, to change policy, support activity and raise awareness of why music is important in those early years. We recognised that there was a gap in providing both practical support and strategic advocacy, and developed the Sound Connections Early Years Music Apprentice Programme to increase the quality of provision and status of early years music across the sector.

Through the delivery of projects, training, research and networking, we aim to:

  • Improve the quality of music-making for under-5s by developing the skills and confidence of those leading activities.
  • Increase the number of opportunities for music-making for under-5s, including embedding it into early years settings.
  • Raise awareness of the importance of music-making and the role it plays in child development.
  • Link to national and regional music education strategies and bodies to further influence policy and practice.

London Early Years Music Network (LEYMN)

The London Early Years Music Network (LEYMN) is a collective of passionate and vocal music leaders, early years practitioners, arts and cultural organisations, Music Education Hubs and members of the wider early years music community. They meet regularly to inform network activity, share best practice and advocate early years music making. Learn more >

London Early Years Music Network

Early Years Music Apprentice Programme

The Early Years Music Apprentice Programme supports five early years music leaders each year through a programme of mentoring, workshops, networking and observation, designed to develop their skills and career pathway. The programme is unique to the sector and recognised as an exceptional opportunity for emerging artists to build confidence as early years music practitioners. Learn more >

Early Years Music Apprentice Programme

Early Years Conference

Each year, Sound Connections hosts an annual early years music conference that draws together the LEYMN members with inspiring leaders to share thinking, and advocate for the importance of music-making in early years. Learn more >

Early Years Conference
Support our work with London's young music makers. Donate Now