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Wired4Music is the music council for young Londoners established by Sound Connections.

Wired4Music is a unique leadership programme for young Londoners who are passionate about music, hosted by Sound Connections. We platform high-quality music opportunities for Londoners aged 16-25 and offer practical guidance, support and resources to individuals with music ambitions, ideas and projects. At Wired4Music, everything is led and decided by our network members, from the music internships we share, the events promote and projects and experiences we co-create. We are empowering the innovators, educators and decision-makers of tomorrow. We follow the model of Hart’s Ladder of Participation developed with UNICEF to increase the rights of the child. We have worked with high profile partners including the Mayor of London, BBC, Adobe, The Premises, RBS and The Roundhouse.

Wired4Music is accessed by over 2,000 young people every year, led by a core group of young ambassadors. Our young people reflect London in all its diversity and many face challenging circumstances in their daily lives. Their musical interests range from urban to rock, classical to dance, mainstream to alternative. They include aspiring performers, producers, film-makers, event managers, promoters and campaigners.

Our aim is to ignite young people’s passion for music, raise their awareness of how the industry works and signposting them to new musical opportunities. We support them in everything from performance and production to events management and campaigning about musical and social issues. This is a unique programme which empowers a new generation of overlooked young people to get heard and have a say in music-making.

The best way to get a flavor of what we do is to visit our website, designed and run by our young people themselves:

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Support our work with London's young music makers. Donate Now