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Wired4Music is the music council for young Londoners established by Sound Connections.

We want to empower all young music-minded Londoners to have a say about the music they make. The council has representatives from every London borough and represents the city in all its diversity.


Wired4Music Manifesto: endorse the campaign and help get young people’s voices heard!

The Wired4Music Manifesto is a groundbreaking campaign produced by young Londoners. The manifesto celebrates everything that’s great about music in London, and tackles the challenges that prevent some young people from fulfilling their musical dreams. Read the manifesto here or download it from our Resources page.


Senior Wired4Music member Joshua Smith outlines why this campaign is so important for London: “The threats to music’s place on the national curriculum are very real and we are constantly faced with uncertainty regarding funding amidst this tricky economic climate. This makes it more important than ever for us to celebrate how music makes a powerful and positive difference to young peoples’ lives. I would like to see the five themes in our manifesto used as first steps to opening up debate between policy-makers and London’s young people, eventually leading to tangible changes in music provision.”


The launch of the manifesto is only the beginning. Over the course of the year, we’ll be holding events, consultations and debates, and spreading the word to as wide an audience as possible. We want young people’s voices to be at the forefront of the conversation about the future of music in London.

We are inviting organisations, music professionals and young people to endorse the campaign today. Sign up now!

Share the manifesto with your young people (16-25)

Join the conversation on Twitter using hashtag #W4MLDN.

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Wired4Music is a unique leadership programme for young Londoners who are passionate about music, hosted by Sound Connections. We give young music-minded people from across the city the opportunity to create their own projects and events, develop their skills and influence music through consultation, market research and advocacy. We are empowering the innovators, educators and decision-makers of tomorrow. We follow the model of Hart’s Ladder of Participation developed with UNICEF to increase the rights of the child. We have worked with high profile partners including the Mayor of London, BBC, Adobe, The Premises, RBS and The Roundhouse.

Wired4Music is accessed by over 2,000 young people every year, led by a core group of young ambassadors. Our young people reflect London in all its diversity and many face challenging circumstances in their daily lives. Their musical interests range from urban to rock, classical to dance, mainstream to alternative. They include aspiring performers, producers, film-makers, event managers, promoters and campaigners.

Our aim is to ignite young people’s passion for music, raise their awareness of how the industry works and signposting them to new musical opportunities. We support them in everything from performance and production to events management and campaigning about musical and social issues. This is a unique programme which empowers a new generation of overlooked young people to get heard and have a say in music-making.

The best way to get a flavor of what we do is to visit our website, designed and run by our young people themselves:

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Watch the Wired4Music mission statement:

Watch this film to find out more about how participation works:


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Support our work with London's young music makers. Donate Now